My gallery section provides photos of My Sculptures as well as Paintings

Welcome to JerryCahirart.com

Hello and welcome to my web site which features my work over the last few years and tells you a little about me.

My site is currently being developed so please bear with me as it develops.

First of all let me tell you a little about myself. Although born in Ennis I am living in Roscrea and my artistic career has only recently started to bloom. I have always been fascinated by creativity but everyday commerce lead me down a different path, that of a Banker.

I retired from this in 1995 and was then able to focus on my neglected artistic streak.

I am inspired by that which surrounds me, I use the landscape and my own experiences as muses for my work. I work in sculpture using bog Oak, Yew ,Pine, Deal, Elm Sweet Chestnut as well as Stone such as Marble and Limestone.

I also use paint, drawing and mixed media to convey my reactions to the environment. I am mainly self taught, but I am always eager to learn more so I attend workshops to learn techniques as well as draw inspiration.



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